Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello, World.

Since we’ve got to start somewhere, we may as well open the blog on the first anniversary of purchasing our house (which is actually tomorrow :) ).
A little about me. I’m a working wife trying to get through each day learning a little at a time and accomplishing the same.
I would like to become a better cook and will be traversing through others’ tried and true recipes to see if I can actually get them to come out edible. Gives you an idea of what previous attempts were like, right? I would also like to explore other areas of interests such as sewing and photography and mark my failures and successes.
My husband, hound, and I moved into our second home earlier this year and have been working on getting our house in order. I hope to document the changes we have already made and plan to make to our home.
I am starting this blog to account/record my (mis)adventures with cooking, decorating, renovating, and life in general. This blog is not intended to be a how-to, but a journal of sorts to help me remember what worked and what didn’t work for us. So jump in and enjoy the misadventure.
P.S. If the title tells you anything, yes, we are big nerds. :)

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