Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bathroom Organization: Fabric Box

Ever since the bathroom cabinet organization spree, I have been trying to come up with a way to stow the washcloths so that the pile of towels would not topple. I had first stored the washcloths on top of the towels. After the organization spree, I stored the washcloths in a basket which corralled them all easily, but must be moved every time clean towels are introduced or removed from the stack.
Organizing the bathroom cabinet. Washcloths in the basket still topple over. Sad.
I noticed that many organizational sites suggest using doors as an additional site to store items. It suddenly occurred to me that I could make a container to fit the door to house the washcloths. It would allow the washcloths to still be accessible and yet out of the way. So having never sewn a box or container, I turned to the Internet. (If you type “fabric box” in Pinterest, you’ll get a slew of ideas.)

I guess I need not remind you that I am a very novice sewer. Every time I touch the sewing machine I have to revert back to the manual, because I've come across something that requires additional instruction. This time was no different.

New bag for storing washcloths!
After cutting the pieces and pinning them together, I attempted the first straight line with the machine. When I took the fabric out from under the presser foot, I realized that there was no thread on the fabric, so I took the bobbin out only to realize that it was empty! Picture me searching frantically for the manual. This was a night of firsts it seems. First time winding the bobbin. I did not get it right on my first try. It was too fat towards the bottom so I unwound it by hand and then rewound it. Better, but not perfect.

It was the first time I ran out of thread from the  top of the machine (spool?). Have I mentioned that I'm still learning? So I had to pull out the manual again to rethread the machine.

And first time sewing a bag! The lines aren't straight or even and all the pros will probably shake their heads at me, but when I put the washcloths in the bag, they did not fall out the bottom so I was ecstatic! (Notes for next time: Hang the bag higher or shorten the handle.)

The wash cloth bag seems to be working so far.The washcloths are easily accessible. I don't have to move them every time I take a towel out or put one in. The door to the cabinet completely closes. Hooray for a successful sewing and organization project!
Now I have space for more towels!

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