Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homemade Lean-to Greenhouse

The Mister and I planned to accomplish many tasks outdoors this summer, but with the work on our former home, very few tasks were actually accomplished on our current home. One of the projects that made it on the list was the greenhouse. We have grown citrus trees for the last few years. In the summer, the trees thrive, but in the winter they wither due to a lack of sunlight and warmth. (I also seem to have a black thumb when it comes to house ferns which turn brown and lose all of their leaves (fronds?) in the winter.) We decided that this year we were going to build a greenhouse in the sunniest part of the yard closest to the house.
Using leftover materials from our fence and garden project, The Mister built a small lean-to greenhouse about 8 feet long by 30 inches wide by 6 feet tall just in time for the cooler weather to set in. We covered  the greenhouse frame with a large plastic dropcloth. So far the citrus trees seem to be content and one of the ferns is sprouting new growth. Now, I just need to put a reminder on my calendar to water them.
Citrus trees on the right corner waiting to go into the greenhouse

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