Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fence Part Eight: The (Almost) Final Tally

If you missed any of the previous fence discussion, you can find the links below:
     Installing the Rails
     Installing the Pickets and Angled Corners
     Dressing up the Fence
     Constructing the Gates

After waiting about 11 months after purchasing the house to begin building the fence, clearing of the yard took two days of hired labor and three days of hand clearing and laying out the fence, post installation took four weeks, installing the rails took three weeks, dressing up the fence took four weeks, and building the gates took a week.  We started the project by clearing the yard on October 15, 2012 and installed the last board on January 12, 2013. No wonder this blog has become all about fence construction! We spent a majority of our winter working on the fence.
Sneak peek of our partially stained fence
After working on the fence from October 2012 to January 2013, we started to stain/waterproof the fence in June 2013, but after staining half of the fence, we were quickly interrupted and pulled to another project. This new project takes precedence and will persist for several months. I can only imagine what our neighbors think of our half-stained fence. That said, I hope to update the numbers when the fence is finally complete. Here we are so far:

  • 4X4-10 52ea
  • 6X 6-10 2ea
  • 1X 4- 8   96ea
  • 2X 4- 8   192ea
  • 2x6 - 8   40ea
  • 2x6- 10 2ea
  • 1x4- 10  4ea
  • 5/8"x5-1/2" Dog Ear pickets         720 pieces
Lumber Total: $2,157 (Note: We have leftover lumber which we are using on other projects.)

  • 50 lb Sakrete Fastset concrete   86 bags
Concrete Total: $441

  • 8" bit Auger (Given that we would drill holes in the evening and set posts in the morning, we felt purchase of an auger was well worth it, compared to renting an auger.)
Auger Total: $267

Miscellaneous Items
  • Post level
  • Tapcon drill bit5/32x4-1/2
  • Tapcon 3/16x1-3/4 Phillips 8 pk
  • River pebbles.5 CUFT 5bags
  • 2 1/2" 25# deck screw –  We used about 5.4 pounds on the fence. We plan to use leftover screws on another project.
  • 1/5/8" Deck Screw 5# 4 boxes – We used two boxes on the fence. We plan to use leftover screws on another project.
  • 2" Deck Screw 5# 3 boxes – We used 2 boxes on the fence. We plan to use leftover screws on another project.
  • 3.5" Tee Hinge – 15ea
  • Gate Kit Set 3ea
  • 3.4" x12" Galvanized pipe 2ea
  • 18" x5/8" Cane Bolt 2ea
  • 18" x5/8" Cane Bolt  - need to return
  • 12" Cane bolt 1ea
  • Heavy Duty Gate Latch
  • Heavy Duty Gate Latch - Replaced the one that was sheared
  • 1/4" x3-3/4" Screw eye lag - haven't installed yet
  • Anti sag gate kit zinc  - haven't installed yet
Miscellaneous Items Total: $602

Fence Stain/Sealer
  • Thompson Water Seal in Cedarwood 5 – 5 gal containers- used 4 gal on garden boxes
Fence Stain/Sealer Total (so far): $359

Because we do not own a vehicle big enough to haul lumber or 86 sacks of 50 lb concrete, we also had a delivery fee of $113.50.

So for the project the Total Material Cost keeping in mind that extra lumber and screws will be used on other projects and including cost of auger and delivery fee: $3936.50


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