Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fence Part One: Tree and Shrub Removal

When we were debating what type of fence to build, we also needed to make a decision on whether or not to keep the trees and shrubs in the yard. These trees and shrubs encroached on much of the yard and after selecting a wood privacy fence, it did not make much sense to us to build a fence right up to the shrubbery (although we did discuss it).
Trees and shrubs prior to clearing
The Mister and I discussed whether or not to do the work ourselves. Given that it was already October at the time and The Mister was preparing for a whirlwind travel schedule at work, we decided to hire out the tree and shrub removal. We called a couple contractors to give us a quote on the tree and shrub removal as well as providing a load or dirt for us to backfill low spots within the yard. We decided to use the same contractor who rewired and replumbed our house. Not only was his quote lower, but we also had a  positive working relationship with him.
Day one of clearing the backyard 
On a warm October day, the contractor and his assistant began cutting away at the vines and the tangle of branches and slowly removing the trees and shrubs. They started in the corner removing cedar trees. We had momentarily debated whether or not to keep them, but some were brittle and brown and others were in the location of our future gate, so all were cut and removed. They then moved to the overgrown azaleas in the middle of the property and removed the dead birch tree. Slowly we began to see glimpses of our neighbors' yards - a sight which had gone unseen for a year since we moved to the house and one that I am sure went unseen for many years prior given the height and width of the trees. During the process, I was a little sad to see the greenery taken away.
Day two of clearing the backyard
After two days of cutting and clearing, the trees and shrubs were gone and the neighbors' yards were clearly visible. Since the clearing occurred on Monday and Tuesday, The Mister and I spent the rest of the week raking and cutting roots and preparing the site to install fence posts.
The end of day two. Hello neighbors!

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