Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fence Part Seven: Constructing the Gates

As mentioned during our review of the property line and what type of fence we wanted, we planned to install four sets of gates. One set of double gates would allow for large vehicles to enter, two sets of double gates would be in the carport area and allow for smaller vehicles to pass through, and the last gate is a single gate on the opposite side of the house.

After taking many measurements, we constructed each gate on the ground. First, building the frame and then filling in the rails, pickets, and fascia boards and top cap. Each set of gates were different sizes so we had to carefully measure each section and customize the gate based on the size. There was a lot of measuring, writing the number on a scrap 2x4 and re-measuring to be sure. There aren't too many in-progress photos as we both were attempting to cut, fit, hold, and assemble the gates.
Building the frame of the single gate on the ground

The back of the completed single gate

The front of the completed single gate. This picture shows the 2x4 top cap flush with the front and back. We later removed the 2x4 top cap and exchanged it with a 2x6. 

Constructing the two sets of double gates on the ground

Hanging each gate at the carport

A view of the completed large double gates. (Not sure why the coloring is weird in this photo.)
Some things we learned:
  • In the single gate photos above, you can clearly see that the panels to the left and right of the gate were not installed prior to the gate installation. This actually caused some problems for us when we started to install those panels. We found that the hinged side of the gate was pulling on the post (especially the top of the post) and binding the gate. Due to the pulling, it also meant that our post was no longer straight up and down. The Mister had to later remove the gate and reinstall it after the panels were installed.
  • After installing the gate hinges and locks, we had planned to install a cane bolt at each double gate, but we delayed doing this. A huge storm rolled through our area. The force of the wind was strong enough to shear the lock on the double gate. We quickly went out to purchase cane bolts, some galvanized pipe and a new lock. 
After the gates were in place, The Mister notched all of the 4x4 posts into pyramids. We have yet to decide what to do with the 6x6 posts at the large double gates.

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  1. You kids are absolutely amazing!!! Have never known another young couple so focused and dedicated toward succeding in everything you undertake to do and your bent toward perfection. Even more amazing is how you work together. You are a beautiful model of a Christian marriage.