Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Wow! June and July have been busy months. It's already nearing the end of August and it is only going to get busier.

Immediately following my trip in May to Oklahoma City, The Mister and I traveled south to attend a family wedding. The same weekend as the wedding, the tenants moved out of our former home leaving it in need of a good cleaning before putting it on the market. Since The Mister and I hold full-time positions, our only chance to clean, repair, and update the house is on the weekend. So far we have spent almost every weekend in June, July, and August at our former home. Work on our current home has come to a standstill as evidenced by our partially stained fence and we have been performing primarily maintenance functions, like cleaning, mowing, and tending to the garden.

The Mister's travel for work has also been plentiful this year as he embarks on another multi-week travel period. My work also typically picks up in July, August and September, due to the end of the fiscal year for many companies. I guess my point being, that that is the reason for posts being few and far between these last few months and perhaps the next couple of months. I would like to recap the year 2012 and begin on posts for activities we have completed in 2013. Although, many of them were large projects, it does not feel as if we have accomplished quite as much. I suppose the impact of performing smaller projects is different than that of performing some of the larger ones. And now that we are in maintenance and cleaning mode, it feels different than having a hammer or paintbrush in hand every evening. As always, we have lots of plans such as revamping the master bedroom closets, painting the hallway, and painting the kitchen cabinets, but some of these tasks may get pushed to 2014. Slow and steady wins the race, right? We'll get the house complete one project at a time.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty has been spending a lot of time in the car traveling to and from our former home. We are grateful as she really enjoys car rides and quietly sits/lays during the whole trip. Besides, she knows that at the end of the trip, she sees Grandma and Grandma rubs her belly and gives her extra treats. Anyone who gives extra treats is Her Majesty's favorite person.

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