Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Coat: Take 1

My mother-in-law has fully embraced my quest to learn to sew. She is a very talented seamstress and on one brief weekend at her house, she introduced me to the world of sewing patterns and a few tools. After my lesson, I went home and pulled out one of the Simplicity Dog Accessories Sewing Patterns for Dummies pattern sheets and spread it out on the table to see what I could glean from the drawings on the page.

In my excitement,  I grabbed some tracing paper from my former art days (Yes, I've been hanging on to that paper for a long, long time. But I have finally found a good use for it!) and traced over the lines with a sharpie. Then I cut out the pattern and placed the pattern on the fabric. After tracing the pattern onto the fabric with a fabric pencil, I cut the fabric and began to sew.

Here's Her Majesty modeling the coat. Since this was a practice run, I did not add Velcro to the coat but instead safety pinned it in place. Her Majesty did not mind since she received a treat for her patience.

I learned a lot from the lesson with my mother-in-law and by practicing with a pattern. I learned that I need a lot more practice sewing curves and keeping the appropriate spacing between the edge of the fabric and the needle. I guess I need to learn some of the terminology as well. I also learned that perhaps it would be smarter in the future to double up on the fabric for patterns that need to be exactly the same. When I cut this pattern I cut one side at a time and the sides did not match perfectly.

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