Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Rug for All Seasons

One household gift we gave to ourselves in Christmas 2012, was a large rug for the bedroom. I grew up with carpet in the bedroom and woke up with sneezes. When The Mister and I married, we moved into a home with hardwood floors. It was quite easy to clean as I could damp mop under the bed and the corresponding furniture. On the plus side, there were fewer sneezes! However, when winter came, that hardwood floor was so cold! Slippers and socks were the norm, but I recall that first sensation of waking up in the morning. Bare feet touching the cold floor, while half shut eyes and chilly toes went in search of slippers.
Bedroom pre-rug
When we purchased our current home, it was completely carpeted, and upon discovering hardwood beneath the carpet, the carpet was quickly removed. But, because I did not want to relive that icicle toes sensation every morning, I began a fervent hunt for a large rug for the bedroom. Since most of what we have is second hand or gifted to us, I was very shocked at the prices when researching rugs larger than 10 feet. I also had a difficult time finding a solid color as most were floral or striped.

So when I discovered that RugsUSA had a white one inch pile rug with very positive ratings and they provide free shipping, well, I was sold. Enter, The Mister. After telling The Mister the rug I like is a shaggy rug,  I received the "are-you-sure" look as well as the "we-don't-want-to-bring-back-the-seventies" lecture. It took a bit of explaining and a few inspiration photos to convince him. As soon as I received the thumbs up, I began watching the rug site. I had been told that RugsUSA has some fabulous sales. When the 9'x12' rug went on sale,  I ordered it faster than Wiley Coyote falling from a canyon.

A few days later in late November, a long rug was delivered to our door and shortly thereafter The Mister helped me move it under the bed. I am so pleased with it. No more stepping onto a cold floor first thing in the morning. The Mister even said that it's not as bad as he thought it would be, for a shag rug, that is. And my mother? Well, she's still wondering how we plan to keep it clean. So far nearly nine months of having the rug, knock on wood, our no shoes in the house policy and twice monthly vacuuming have kept it pretty clean.

Bedroom with rug
I have yet to hang curtains, pictures, and decorate the space. I also hope to add a different comforter. What can I say? This is real life.

Note: Other than ordering the shaggy rug, RugsUSA does not know who I am and has not compensated me. I'm just sharing my experience and my like for the rug.

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