Thursday, January 10, 2013

Office Renovation Part 1

The office was one of the first rooms we tackled after moving into the house. When we purchased the house, the office had beige carpet and a ceiling fan that plugged into the wall outlet. We knew that this room would function as a multi-purpose space as it is also the entry to our carport and has doors to three other rooms- laundry, bathroom, and bedroom.

While the contractors were here, the office became the staging room for equipment and supplies.
 They later worked in the office to redo the electrical thus making the ceiling fan powered by switch rather than wall outlet. The existing ceiling was a 1ftx1ft tile which The Mister despised so the drywall crew installed new ceiling.  

When The Mister discovered that there were pine boards beneath the carpet, he had the carpet removed as well. Prior to refinishing the floors, The Mister painted the ceiling Behr Premium Ultra Pure White in Flat finish. I painted the pine paneling Behr Premium Ultra Pure White in Eggshell finish. The original color was a cream color. It was time consuming to brush into all of the grooves of the pine paneling and then roll the paint, but painting the walls and all the trim white made such a difference to the brightness factor of the space.

Up next, flooring, molding, and more!

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  1. It's really important to renovate your office since, as what you said, it functions as a multi-purpose space. Update us soon once you are done remodelling your workspace.