Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laundry-WHC Renovation Part 2

Click Here to See Part One of the Laundry and Water Heater Closet Renovation.

Preparing to install Crown Molding in the Laundry Room
A few months after moving into our home, The Mister installed shoe molding in the water heater closet/pantry. He also installed shoe and crown molding in the laundry room. Unfortunately, most old houses are not square or level, so when The Mister installed the crown molding around the room the first time, the first and last piece did not line up. Somewhere between the first and last piece of molding the molding became twisted and disrupted the angle at which it was installed. Big Oops! The following weekend, The Mister took down the molding he installed and gave it a second try hoping to get the ends closer to matching. It worked!
Shoe Molding in Laundry room in need of caulk

Crown Molding puttied and caulked
After the molding was up, nails punched in, holes puttied, and trim caulked, it was time to prime. We happily said goodbye to the cream walls and painted both the walls and molding Behr Premium Ultra Pure White. I can readily admit that the next morning, I ogled the room as the sunlight poured in and bounced off of the newly painted walls. I was delighted!

Water Heater Closet door. Walls are primed. Doors needs to be primed. You can tell a big difference between the off white paint and the white primer already!

Looking towards Laundry Room from Hallway. Priming walls.
So far, the laundry room was one of the most labor intensive rooms in this house for us as DIYers. It involved tiling the space, priming and painting, installing crown (twice!) and shoe molding. Thankfully we had the wonderful skills of my father-in-law to lend a hand during the tiling process. And we are so thankful to one of The Mister's coworker who lent us a nail gun. It made installing the molding much quicker and we didn't have sore thumbs.
Painted Laundry room. Finished for now.
Finished for now. I love the bright white!
We'll keep our fingers crossed that we can tackle a few projects in the laundry room in 2013. Some ideas which are subject to change include:
  • Add window covering (curtains? cornice?)
  • Put a rug in front of the washing machine and dryer
  • Install a drying rack
  • Install a rod for hanging clothes
  • Install an ironing board hanger (The ironing board is currently hanging out in the corner.)
  • Build/buy a rolling cart for detergent
Future Projects for the water heater closet/pantry include:
  • Install crown molding
  • Install more shelving! (You can never have enough shelving, right?)
Onto the next project! :)

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