Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taipei: Beauty in the Entry

This is a continuation of a post recounting our visit to the island of Taiwan. If you missed it, here's Part one, Part two, and Part three.

While walking through the streets of Taipei, I began to notice the doors and gates to the buildings. It was as if even amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, someone took a moment to create a work of art. Some were beautifully ornate. Some had distinct designs etched into them. Some had colorful tiles flanking the door. Others were quite simple but were painted with a bright pop of color. Some were made with natural materials. Each door was different and served as a reflection of the area and its occupants. Even outdoor utility box covers were an artist’s canvas.

Etched with tile

Pop of Blue on Wood
Gate to a Japanese Style Buddhist Temple
Murals on Garage Doors
To me, this photo best sums up the city.
Traffic and life flowing all around, but in the midst of the city taking an utilitarian object and turning it into a display of art.

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