Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Milestone 100th Post!

Woohoo! I made it to the 100th post! The schedule for this post became a little derailed due to the craziness that lasted from June 2013 til now (and is still continuing!). But I am so excited to have reached this milestone and to look back over the last 99 posts to see how far we have come.

To celebrate this milestone, I have added a new page tab at the top of the blog called House Tour which contains our in-progress photos and links for our current home. It was inspired by The Lettered Cottage's House Tour.
A new tab called House Tour has been added to the blog

 Clicking on the House Tour tab will take you to a floor plan of our current home. 
If you click on Kitchen, it'll take you to current photos of the kitchen.

If you click on a room in the house, it will take you to current in-progress photos. (Everything is in-progress right now in our house.)

Below the photos are links to posts pertaining to the room.

I plan to continue adding and updating this page, especially now that the office will be receiving a makeover in the next couple of months.

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