Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Child’s Apron

Before they returned to Germany in November, I decided to sew my niece one more project. I knew she liked to play with tea sets and pretend food so I tried my hand at sewing an apron. I didn’t have a pattern or her exact measurements so I winged it, but thankfully it turned out okay.

Using scrap fabric and an apron my mother-in-law made as a guide, I cut the pattern for the apron, a rectangle for the neck piece, and a longer rectangle for the waist. I used Velcro to secure one side of the neck strap and one side of the waist strap so that it would be easy for her to put on and remove. (I learned that neat little trick from the Internet and it seemed to work out well since the neck strap was too small to go over her head had I sewed the second side to the top of the apron.)

I also attempted to sew an oven mitt, but it was much too small for her hand. Maybe a dolly can help her cook in her play kitchen. J   
Please excuse the poor photo I took this with my phone.
Some things I learned and need to improve upon:
  • Neck and waist straps-Sewing the straps was difficult because of the size of the straps, they would get stuck in the feeder. Next time I may try sewing the front facing sides together and then turn the fabric inside out.
  • Check the bobbin-Halfway through sewing one of the straps, the bobbin thread ran out. It wasn’t especially difficult, but just one of those instances where I could have saved a few minutes if I had checked the bobbin first.
  • Edging-When I sewed the stretchy tube skirt, I was not satisfied with how the edge of the fabric showed a lot of loose threads so I tried another method. First I folded the edge of the fabric down about .25 inches so that back of fabric touched back of fabric. Then I ironed it to ensure it stayed in place. Next, I folded the same edge one more time so that the front of fabric was facing the back of the fabric and ironed it again. This method worked out great in producing a nice clean edge. It involved a lot of ironing, but that’s a small thing compared to how nicely the edge turned out.
My brother and SIL kindly sent a photo of my niece modeling the apron and the skirt I sewed for her. She is growing so fast! I don't think the clothes will fit much longer. 


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