Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Part 3

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When we left off, the bathroom had been painted and tiled. The Mister installed the baseboards and the plumbers and electricians returned to install the toilet, vanity, and overhead light. We used the existing vanity and purchased a new (not pink!) countertop. The Mister then installed a mirror I had purchased from a craft store years ago. When we moved into our home, the bathroom looked like this:

I used the tape on the walls to see whether or not
I wanted to hang shelving or pictures.

The bathroom stayed that way for a few weeks until we had a chance to paint the vanity. For us, going bold was painting the vanity a color other than white. (Yeah, I know. We're real adventurists.) We selected a semi-gloss black and after three coats with a foam roller brush and craft brush, the vanity was sufficiently covered. What a difference it made!

I promise, we really did install a baseboard to the right of the vanity.
I just haven't found a picture that shows it yet.
The Mister then installed crown molding in the space, followed by puttying the nails and caulking the edges that met the wall and ceiling. We painted all of the molding white. The molding really helped the room feel complete.

After working on the bathroom for nearly six months, the bathroom was finally finished! The pink bathroom with the very tight floorplan was gone and our new expanded and reconfigured bathroom was ready for use!
My MIL monogrammed the towels and curtain for us. She's awesome!
I've got to admit that nearly six months after the bathroom has been complete, it looks exactly the same as these photos. I have got additional ideas for the space, not to mention I still need to decorate it! When I mention these ideas, The Mister just looks at me and shakes his head since we still have to complete the remaining house projects both indoor and out. Now for comparison pictures!
Hooray for a finished space! One project down, many more to go. :)

I'm linking in with SouthernHospitality's Top Projects of 2012.

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