Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Mantle (Holiday Link Party 2012)

After two years of not decorating for Christmas, I was really eager to display our Christmas collection, but when The Mister walked in the house after my decorating spree he asked, "That's it?" Knowing my full penchant to get started on the holiday decorations, he was surprised not to see our entire house covered in festive glory. 

No, I replied, this is the year of Simple Christmas.

Our home remains undecorated (and I don't mean there are no Christmas decorations while there is that aspect of it as well). There are boxes of pictures yet to be unpacked from our move, walls still to be painted, furniture still to acquire, curtains to be hung. And so to keep the holidays simple and to enjoy the holiday season, we do indeed have the bare minimum in Christmas decor displayed, but they have meaning to us and that, to me at least, is what counts.

As I look around our unfinished home - a work in progress - I see glimpses of those who have greatly influenced my life. A loving reminder of those who have come into my life and left an imprint that I can only hope to pass to to another.

Our bedroom mantle is covered with Christmas Santas. The Santas were an inheritance from an aunt I cherished dearly and am so very thankful that The Mister had the opportunity to meet her. Their whimsical features remind me of her fully decorated home where she covered every square inch with relics of Christmas.  I remember our family gathering in her house for Christmas dinner and the warmth of her small kitchen, the smell of southern cooking, and the coziness of her gas heater. The adults gathering in the living room to talk, laugh, and reminisce and the kids gathered in the family room floor on her soft blue carpet to play. Such warm memories fill my heart.

Christmas Mantle

This Christmas, may you you have many warm memories of Christmas past.

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