Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Craft (Holiday Link Party 2012)

For years I dreamed of creating a picturesque, wintry Christmas village. I imagined cutting the shapes of the village houses out of cardboard milk cartons with holiday music playing softly in the background. Gluing tiny pieces of balsa wood on the roof for shingles and painting my little creations in historically accurate colors...

From page 100 of the Arts and Crafts for Home Decorating book
Decorating for Christmas 136 Ideas to Make the Holidays Special

Alas, it was not meant to be as I have discovered that I am not particularly crafty. I am amazed by the wonderful talents shared in the blog world and possessed by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, both wonderful seamstresses. Sure, I have a box of ribbons and too much fabric and we won't discuss my ever growing collection of baking supplies. But I, unfortunately, did not inherit a crafty gene. So each year, Christmas crafts are usually relegated to "What can I find to wrap these presents?" This year thanks to the Holiday Challenge (as I see it) I decided to stretch out a little and create something small. It's all about the baby steps right?

The Mister's family has a sentimental tradition of gifting a silver ornament each year and since we have been married, The Mister and I have received a silver ornament from one of his aunts. The Mister continued this beautiful tradition by gifting me a heart on our first Christmas.

Our first Christmas

In keeping this first Christmas in our new home simple, I decided to string those beautiful ornaments on our living room mantle using the abundant amount of ribbon I have saved. I also loosely wrapped a vine wreath in the same ribbon and topped it with a messy homemade bow.

Our mantle is rustic and in keeping with our Simple Christmas theme a bit bare, but each of the ornaments remind me of the years I have shared with The Mister and the memories we have created together.
May your Christmas crafts, be they elaborate or simple, bring a smile to your face this season.
I'm linking up today with Centsational Girl's Holiday Home Link Party. Check it out. 
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