Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Bedroom Renovation

The Guest Bedroom was a room that I had hoped would simply be rewired and painted prior to our move and thus become move-in ready very quickly, but The Mister disliked two aspects of the room. First, the tiled ceiling which had previous water damage and second, the wall-to-wall beige carpet. When the drywall installers were installing drywall in the kitchen, we decided that it would be a good opportunity to also install drywall in the Guest Bedroom ceiling and when The Mister discovered that there was hardwood beneath the sea of carpet, it was icing on the cake.
Guest Bedroom Before
Guest Bedroom Before
We had the destruction crew demolish the tile ceiling only to discover board ceiling. We debated keeping the board ceiling, but it had areas of damage and extra holes that we did not wish to keep, so we felt that drywall was our best option. We also felt that if the house were a cottage, then perhaps the board style would fit, but sadly not here. We had to come to this realization multiple times throughout the construction and destruction process.
Wood ceiling
After drywall was installed, The Mister painted the ceiling Behr Premium Ultra Pure White and the walls Behr Toasted Wheat. Then the flooring crew came in last to sand and stain the floor.

Guest Bedroom after sanding the floors
After moving into our home, The Mister spent several weeks installing crown molding, caulking, puttying, and painting all of the trim Behr Premium Ultra Pure White.

Guest Bedroom In Progress
As of now, the room functions as a guest and storage room. We are so thankful to have a space for our friends and family to relax and enjoy when they visit.

2013 plans for this room include:
  • DIY a headboard
  • Find and Hang curtains
  • Declutter and paint the closet
  • Install an attic door in the closet 
  • Put stray wire in attic and patch ceiling
Now, onto the next project!

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