Thursday, January 17, 2013

Office Renovation Part 2

To see Part one of the office renovation, click here.

Just prior to moving, we had the pine floors sanded and stained.

So on moving day the office looked like this.
Please excuse the towels and cleaning supplies in the background. We were trying to clean up before moving in and the room exploded to look like an episode from Hoarders (pet included).
Just keeping it real.
After the move  (and cleaning up again), we set up the office so that I could work from home.
Need to paint that door
A few weeks later, we shoved the office furniture to the middle of the room and The Mister installed 2-3/4” crown molding and quarter round molding in the office. (Why, yes, we live in a constant state of shifting things back and forth. Why do you ask?) The molding was then puttied, sanded, caulked, primed, and painted Behr Premium Ultra Pure White in Eggshell finish.

Ummm..Is it unsafe to walk in there again?
After spending nearly two weeks on the installation, caulking, and painting of the crown and shoe molding, the office returned to its slightly less chaotic, but now very nice with trim and new floors condition. We have not changed much in this room in the last eight months. I am hoping that office organization and decoration gets on the to do list for 2013. Now for my favorite part of a reveal-the befores and afters!

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