Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chop Chop: Goodbye Shrubs

About this time last year, we took advantage of a warm sunny weekend to trim some bushes in front of the house. Azaleas are popular in this area and thankfully for us are very easy to grow and forgiving. The house had several overgrown and neglected azalea bushes which flanked the front porch. These almost treelike masses reached almost to the top of the porch roof. The interiors of the bushes were filled with dead sticks and leaves and a few of the bushes were completely rotten on the inside.
Overgrown azaleas
 As I mentioned above, I am very glad azaleas are so forgiving. We chopped the entire bush to the ground in order to clean out all of the dead branches.

The porch is also flanked by two camellia bushes which produce beautiful flowers in late winter/early spring. One of the camellias appears to have been overtaken by the abundant azalea growth and is stunted. We are hopeful that the access to sunlight and lack of overcrowding will help the camellia grow.

Bushes cut down
Present day. The camellias and azaleas are now blooming thanks to the warm weather that seems to show up in fits and spurts lately. No complaints though as soon warm weather will pass and it will be 100 degrees with 100% humidity in no time. The camellia appears to be a little taller and The Mister trimmed the tallest camellia a few weeks ago. Perhaps if we trim one and allow the other to grow they will even out in height. We can hope, right?

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