Thursday, May 23, 2013

Introducing Her Majesty

I thought Sew Many Ways' Pet Palooza Birthday Party might be a great way to introduce Her Majesty. After all, Her Majesty has made her presence known a few times on this site, showing up during the move, modeling her new bed, and surveying her kingdom, and yet has never had a real introduction.
When The Mister and I were in high school (long before he became The Mister), we attended a boarding school. On the weekends and holidays we were allowed to return home. Since The Mister's family lived close to the school, he went to his parent’s home for the weekend and noticed a dog bowl in the kitchen.
He said, “Weird. We don’t have a dog.”
Suddenly, a small floppy eared animal sprinted toward him, and he said, “Guess we do have a dog.”
And that’s how The Mister discovered Her Majesty.

Some time during the week, The Mister’s parents picked up Her Majesty from the local shelter and brought her to her new palace and spoiled her. Since then, she has been spoiled as royalty should. While living with The Mister's family, she played in the fenced yard and claimed items for herself (you can't prove that there was steak on the plate on the TV tray, right?) and played on the beach.
Fast forward five years, The Mister’s parents were moving to a second floor apartment in a large city. We had a fenced yard in a small town so Her Majesty came to live with us. She quickly adapted to the slow pace of small town living and learned how to get what she wanted from the neighbors. Her Majesty has no lack of fans. Everywhere we parade, two-legged fans want to speak to her and she delights in letting them do so. Her Majesty has been with us for six years and tolerated the move to the new house better than expected. She also has adapted to all of the racket we make while hammering trim or shelving in the evenings. Her daily duties involve sleeping, exploring her kingdom, and eating. She does all with great enthusiasm.
Her Majesty would like to wish Annie a very happy birthday. Although we do not know her exact age, we believe Her Majesty is at or around fourteen years. While her face has gotten whiter over the years and her hearing more selective, Her Majesty understands how the evolution of time has refined royalty like she and Annie. She takes walks more slowly these days, eats happily, naps frequently, and loves abundantly. We can only hope to make her remaining years as good as the first eleven.


  1. Her Majesty is wonderful, no wonder everyone loves her.

    1. Hi Dana! Love your "twins" too. And your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by.