Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peggy Sue

When we lived in our former house, we had a pile of tools that we had to sort through in the toolbox. While having them collected within the toolbox was nice, we soon began to outgrow the toolbox and needed to find another storage solution. Hence, the installation of a pegboard wall. Ya’ll this was the first time I had ever owned a pegboard wall and I loved it. I even used pegboard remnants to create an organization system for storing rolls of ribbon in a hutch. Sadly, when we moved, we had to leave both the pegboard wall and the hutch behind.

So I was extremely excited, giddy even, when the pegboard from our former house became available and The Mister returned to our new home with the sheet of pegboard strapped to the roof of the car. (I'm sure we looked something like the television commercials of the people carrying a mattress and the mattress is flying precariously above the car.)  I was bunny jumping, hands clapping, and squealing all at once. I can have a pegboard wall once again! I can’t wait to cut it to fit the new space and begin accessorizing this new addition to our household.
I would like to create a frame around the pegboard similar to this inspiration photo from Houzz.

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