Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I bet you sang the rest of that song. :) I know can not stop at the first phrase. It's like trying to sing only a part of the Oscar Mayer song. Did anyone else own a weenie whistle? Anyway, I digress.

Saturday my little niece turned two. Last year, I decorated a Hungry Caterpillar cake for her. This year, she is interested in all things Disney. She lights up when Disney cartoons are on the television and runs to the television to point at the logo in the corner. Grinning and pointing she says, "Mihgee Moush!" When she visited the US last year, one of her grandma's gifted her with a Mickey Mouse doll. She and Mickey were inseparable.
Since she and her family live in Europe, I baked and decorated a fudge marble cake in her honor and sent it to The Mister's office. My first decorated cake of the year features her favorite character, Mickey Mouse. Happy second birthday, niece!

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