Thursday, February 13, 2014

Office Bookshelf

We have an unused corner in the office. It is between two doors and is a narrow 12 inch deep by 30 inch wide area. The Mister and I have been brainstorming how best to use the space. Since we never hear of anyone complaining of too many storage solutions, we decided to go that route. For Christmas, I asked The Mister to build me a bookshelf for this corner of the room.
Our unused corner is on the top right.
When I was away on business, The Mister picked up several sheets of MDF. I primed them when he went out of town.

When he returned from his business trip, The Mister cut and fit the pieces of the bookshelf together. Using scrap pegboard, I drilled holes in the sides to fit peg supports for the shelves. We moved the assembled bookshelf into our living room (aka The painting room) to be painted.
Painting in the Painting Room
After letting the paint cure, The Mister and I moved the bookcase to the office. It fit snugly!
Now, it was time to add the shelves and fill'er up.
I am so excited to have this extra bit of storage and to utilize the wasted space behind the two doors. 

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