Thursday, June 12, 2014

St. Simons Island, GA

The Mister had to travel to coastal Georgia for work so I tagged along. While he was at work, I ventured through the town peering into antique shops. On his day off, we drove to St. Simons Island which at one time served as a very important location for navigational trade of sea cotton and oak.

Clockwise from top left: Lightkeeper's Dwelling with Lighthouse in the background; The Maritime Center; A.W. Jones Heritage Center home of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society; and Moss draping from the oak trees
We visited the St. Simons Lighthouse built in 1872 and using its original Fresnel lens, it continues to shine a beacon of light out to sea to this day. After walking through the Lightkeeper's House attached to the lighthouse, The Mister and I climber the lighthouse's 129 stairs to take in the view from the top. Unfortunately, it was raining so what we could see was limited. I can only imagine the view from the top on a clear day!

We also visited The Maritime Center which documents life as a Coast Guardsman of the 1940s. The exhibits at The Maritime Center were very hands-on and informative, not only of the Coast Guard Station, but also of the wildlife and plant life of the area and the impact of World War II on St. Simons Island.

Two aspects of St. Simons that I was absolutely delighted to observe were the moss draped oaks that lined the streets and the wide southern porches so typical in this area.

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