Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pinterest Challenge May 2013: Textured Fabric Flowers

We are taking a brief break from the fence posts (hardy har har. Installing fence posts is next in the discussion of the fence. - Sorry I could not help myself.), to write about the much needed motivation I receive when the blog world offers challenges.

The last time the Pinterest Challenge was held, I received the organizing bug and completed several projects involving sewing and organizing. So when I caught wind at the last moment that  YHL, BowerPower, and their lovely cohosts, Emily and Renee, were doing the Pinterest Challenge again, I knew that I wanted it to be another sewing project. Thank goodness for the Pinterest Challenge for giving the motivation to practice sewing.
Thanks to my mother-in-law, I possessed many pieces of scrap fabric. Over the last few visits, she distributed her excess fabric (She would say there's no such thing as excess fabric.:)) to me so that I could begin to practice and get the feel of different types of fabric without investing in fabric which I know nothing about. Drawing inspiration from Make It and Love It's very informative site, I decided to make bows for the little girls in my life. At least that's what I told myself in the beginning. After making a couple, I am highly tempted to continue practicing by making a flower headband for myself.
Make It and Love It's Tutorial on "Full and Textured Fabric Flowers" is excellent and her step-by-step instructions and photos really helped this extreme beginner understand the process. My flowers aren't perfect, but this is one sewing project that I can claim I now have experience completing! Hooray for completing small projects and using the scrap pile!

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  1. so pretty! this is one of my favorite fabric flowers to make! :)

    1. Hi, Jocie! I really enjoyed making them and can't wait to share them with my niece. Thanks for stopping by!