Thursday, February 20, 2014

Office Pegboard

Months ago when we brought the pegboard home precariously atop our car, I could not contain my excitement. I even shared an inspiration photo of how I wanted to embellish the pegboard.

Said pegboard sat in our guest bedroom largely ignored until it was time to display her magnificence.

On an outing to the home improvement store, The Mister picked up a pack of primed door casing. After measuring and cutting the pegboard to size, he then cut each piece of the molding with the miter saw to form a frame around the pegboard. I then pushed him aside and with paint brush in hand, painted the molding our custom shade of blue.

After gluing and nailing the molding to the pegboard, The Mister used several pieces of 1x2 which I had primed and painted previously, to attach the pegboard to the buffet creating a massive storage wall. The photo below does not do the size of this space justice. The pegboard is nearly 67 inches wide and 48 inches tall.  I need a step stool to reach the top of the frame. Lol.

After serving several years as a garden and tool organizer, the pegboard affectionately called Peggy, proudly displays bits and bobs of ribbon, thread, and other crafty implements.
So far we have completed the buffet, office bookshelf, and pegboard. I really like the direction getting this space organized is heading. I am looking forward to having an efficient and functioning multi-purpose space.

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