Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oven Mitts

When I first sewed an apron and attempted to sew an oven mitt for my niece, I quickly realized how little I knew of child hand sizes as the oven mitt was more akin to a finger puppet. So when I discovered that Hawkeye owned no potholders and my own oven mitts had developed holes, I decided that this might be a good opportunity to practice sewing oven mitts.

Following the instructions on the Insul-Bright Needled Insulated Lining fabric, I used the pattern from the So Sew Easy Long Arm Oven Mitt. (For those wondering, I had printed the pattern from So Sew Easy, but forgot to print the instructions, so that's why I used the Insul-Bright instructions to assemble the mitt.)

As with most of my projects (fabric boxes for instance), it usually takes several tries. I made six long arm oven mitts using fleece as the “batting”. The last and smaller mitt was for my niece. I used the pattern on the Insul-Bright instructions and lined it with fleece and no Insul-Bright (so it is not oven safe). I thought it came out cute and hope that this one fits her hand better. :)

Some things that I had trouble was turning the thumb right side out. I used a fat sharpie to try to push the fabric in the thumb right side out. Any suggestions on making this task easier? Also, no matter how many times I tried to get the part between the thumb and the remaining fingers pointed, like the photo in So Sew Easy, my oven mitts came out rounded in that area. Any suggestions on getting the area between the thumb and fingers pointed?

I've already used the oven mitts for pizza and they work great!

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