Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring on the farm

I really enjoy visiting the farm in the spring. In April, I spent two weeks at the farm tending to the place while the rest of my family was away welcoming the arrival of my nephew in Germany. Spring was celebrating my nephew's arrival in its own glorious way.
Clockwise: Apple blossoms; Blueberries; Pears and Pear blossoms; Azaleas
Her Majesty and I walked the orchard breathing in the fragrance of apple and pear blossoms. We watched the ducks play in the water and the baby animals play in the field. On quiet afternoons, Her Majesty napped on her pillow. (Her current pillow is version two of Her Majesty's dog bed.) During Her Majesty's naps, I sewed long awaited projects, such as oven mitts, baby shoes, a cap, and pajamas.
It almost felt like a vacation from our home as the previous weeks were spent dismantling, sanding and painting the kitchen cabinets as well as preparing the hallway for paint. Tasks on the farm included daily feeding and watering the animals, clearing the fence line, corralling animals, and maintaining the yard and garden. Her Majesty and I had a wonderful time living life on the farm and enjoying long walks watching the sun set.

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