Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The White Rabbit

White Rabbit
The White Rabbit

I often feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, running about saying" Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I'm late, late, late!" It seems that last year completely swept by with its end of year holidays and family gatherings and now the month of January is gone! Believe me when I say that we have not been idle, just slack in reporting the year's events.

As for 2014 resolutions, I have done a very poor job of remembering to photograph recipes we have tried from the Southern Living Annuals (I am too keen to change up the recipe based on what we have available in the house and so I often feel that it isn't completely fair to report on the recipe when I have made too many changes). Also, with The Mister's low carb diet, bread has not been abundant in our house. However, now that The Mister has reached his goal weight (Hooray, Mister!), we will be introducing small amounts of bread back in the diet.

We were able to complete the office/craft room organization as well as organizing and updating the master bedroom closets. I am in the process of planning this year's projects. I think most of the projects will take place outside as our yard is lacking curb appeal and the weeds have firmly rooted themselves in the lawn.

With most of the major house projects complete, The Mister has entered graduate school. So instead of working on house projects on mornings before work, nights after work and evenings, The Mister is studying and writing papers.

While I, on the other hand, have been filling the cold, winter days with learning to sew, something I had resolved to do last year. Thankfully, I have a willing subject in my niece who loves all things Disney princess. I have never had so much shiny and sparkly fabric in my closet!

So a late Happy New Year to all. May this year be as productive as the last. (And hopefully we'll do a better job of reporting!)

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