Thursday, June 5, 2014

Multipurpose Space Reveal

The space we use as an office, craft room, and mudroom seems to be in a constant state of flux. Almost as soon as I am able to clear the space, it becomes the storage space for new projects and materials so trying to get final pictures has been challenging. While I would call this space 100% complete, I would like to add some comfortable seating in the future, it is complete for now.

After coming up with a plan to get the office into shape, we have spent the last few months implementing the plan by re-purposing a buffet, building a bookshelf in an otherwise unusable space, hanging a 67" wide by 48" tall pegboard, and building a shoe cubby to tame our shoe problem.

Here's what the office looked like before:
A photo of the room right after we bought the house
The Office in Jan 2013
The Office in Jan 2013
And here's what it looks like now.
Shoe Cubby on the left. The buffet and pegboard store my craft supplies. 
File storage and more fabric storage in the bookcase
I would like to add some artwork to the space. Also, I am still on the hunt for a seating arrangement to be placed where the small wood table is now. In my mock ups for the room, I indicated that we would like to use this space as a guest room and that continues to be the case. 

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