Thursday, January 31, 2013

Master Bedroom Renovation

Much like the Guest Bedroom, the Master Bedroom required complete rewiring, a little demolition work, and while not required, received a new ceiling and refinished hardwood floors, prior to our move.
Master Bedroom Before
Like the Guest Bedroom, The Mister disliked two aspects of the room. First, the tiled ceiling and second the wall-to-wall beige carpet. (What can I say? We enjoy having hardwood floors.) So when the drywall installers were installing drywall in the kitchen, we also asked them to install drywall in the Master Bedroom ceiling. It was also around this time that we discovered that there was hardwood beneath the carpet.
Master Bedroom Before looking towards closets
After drywall was installed, The Mister primed and painted the ceiling Behr Premium Ultra Pure White and the walls Behr Toasted Wheat. The flooring crew came in last to sand and stain the floor. After moving into our home, The Mister spent several weeks installing crown molding, caulking, puttying, and painting all of the trim Behr Premium Ultra Pure White.

We are really tickled to have his and her closets since in our previous home, we shared a closet. After a thorough decluttering session, we plan to give the closets a makeover - another item on the to do list.

Peeling paint on the doors and trim
Currently, the Master Bedroom has no doors. During the week we decided to paint the trim, we discovered that somewhere along the way, the trim was painted with the wrong type of paint. We suspect latex may have been applied over oil-based paint. It was peeling off in sheets, so we spent a lot of time sanding. We discovered that all of the grooves in the doors (there are three doors) made it difficult to sand and also made quite a mess, so we decided to remove the doors and put them in the storage building until we could finish them outside. The doors have been in the storage building for seven months and counting while waiting for us to find time to sand and paint them. (Please tell me we are not the only ones who do this.) The Mister and I tell each other that the house will get done one project at a time...
Master Bedroom In progress

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