Thursday, February 7, 2013

Living Room Renovation

When we first stepped into the living room, all we could see was pink carpet and pink curtains. Now don't get me wrong, I am not entirely against pink and I am sure it looked fine with all of the previous owner's furniture and accessories, but pink carpet was not for us. So we were overjoyed to learn that the living room was in the original part of the house and contained original oak flooring.

Living Room Before
Living Room Before
Like the Guest Bedroom and Master Bedroom, the Living Room was rewired, painted and the floors were refinished. One thing we discovered during the construction process was that the wall in between the living room and dining room was supposed to be a load bearing wall and therefore have a header to support the weight. We had noticed some cracks in the wall, as did the contractor, and discovered that there was no header in the load bearing wall! The contractor quickly demolished a portion of the wall and installed a header for support. To our knowledge, the wall had not caved in over seventy years, we wanted to ensure that it did not cave now!

Remove the old wall to install a header
Header installed between living room and dining
Prior to moving, The Mister installed trim around the open casement and painted the walls Behr Toasted Wheat.  After moving into our home, The Mister spent several days installing crown molding where the header had to be replaced, and then caulking, puttying, and painting all of the crown molding Behr Premium Ultra Pure White.

Open casement in need of trim
Trim installed and primed

Several months into living in our home, The Mister and I sanded the trim and windows and caulked, puttied, and painted all of the trim in the room Behr Premium Ultra Pure White. It was quite a task!

Living Room when we moved into the house

With exception of two bookcases, the room remains unfurnished and currently acts as a holding room for the various items we are painting. We plan to take our time selecting pieces for this room. It seems that every time we revisit what we want for the room, our ideas change and we want to be certain that we are in agreement when we begin to furnish it.

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